El Gra de Blat NGO Embracing project aims to promote social and job insertion of new migrants, as well as to work on cross-cultural issues and sensitise society on the vulnerable situations of these people.

The Embracing project is aimed at migrants, regrouped migrant relatives and refugee individuals and families who live in the Sants-Montjuïc district or who have a very close link to one of the district’s neighbourhoods.

The Embracing project is separated into two different sections to promote welcoming and accompaniment:

1. Promote social and job insertion through individualized assistance regarding access to basic information and resources to exercise their personal and citizen rights and duties.

2. Grant the access, knowledge and practice of the Catalan and Spanish languages to immigrants through conversation groups.

To this end, El Gra de Blat NGO organises conversation groups in collaboration with the Coordinadora d’Associacions per la Llengua Catalana (CAL) through the Xerrem project, aimed at newcomers who want to learn or improve their skills in Catalan language.

As described by the CAL, Xerrem is “… an associative, networking activity between entities and people that highlights concepts such as social cohesion and welcoming, all while applying a pedagogical methodology for teaching the language focused on oral production”. You can get all the information about this project directly in the CAL website, by clicking here.