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The Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp offers an educational leisure option for children at risk of social exclusion in the Sants-Montjuïc district who do not have the possibility to participate to other leisure activities during the summer season.

The main objective of the Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp is to offer a space for educational leisure and developing children’s social and emotional growth though coexistence and learning.

Key facts:

The Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp specific goals

The Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp specific goals are to:

  • Create a fun space in which creativity and professional activity are enhanced.
  • Carry out sports activities as a healthy leisure practice.
  • Encourage the establishment of hygienic and orderly habits.
  • Practice children’s respect for others, children’s cooperation and group activities.
  • Promote education in values, attitudes and skills that enhance intra- and intercultural coexistence and personal well-being.
  • Learn how to express emotions and feelings in an appropriate way through verbal and non-verbal communication.

Most of the children enrolled in the Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp are referred by municipality social services or by secondary social services. Some applications may be granted scholarships.

The Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp accepts up to 50 children in vulnerable situations.


The Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp activities are led by qualified leisure professionals, following all applicable rules, protocols and laws.

The activities include workshops, crafts, games, theatre, music and outings. All activities are intended to assure a complete educational offer and to give a response to low-income families from Sants-Montjuïc neighbourhood.

The Tutti-Frutti Summer Camp also provides meals to ensure children are well fed and develop in a balanced way.