El Gra de Blat is legalized as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which means it is an organization endowed with a private legal personality and that is characterized by pursuing, without profit, purposes of general interest in favour of a generic group, in this case, individuals and families in a situation of poverty and social exclusion.

El Gra de Blat is a volunteer entity, which means El Gra de Blat team is made up mostly of non-salaried volunteers. Some of these volunteers carry out their work since El Gra de Blat began its work, while others have done so for a few years or even began recently.

The technical team is the highest entity of responsibility at El Gra de Blat NGO. It is made up of people from different professional fields, who ensure that all actions follow the entity’s mission, vision and values. The technical team is made up of:

Juan María A. Avellana – Managing President

Sarepta N. y Sales – Executive Secretary and Project Coordinator

Carla A. Saavedra -Administration and Accounting

Sara J. Arcas – Board member and Awareness